Sunday, July 11, 2010

Learn more about bicycle theft fight

«27282930 Winner of rumble thru da Bronx 7»

David Goodman has done a staff articles on efforts to fight bike theft, including a LoJack-style radio transmitter system created from written.

Efforts to attract thieves also cycling
Published: 25 June 2010

It has become a kind of mantra for cities looking to encourage cycling through a widening network of bike paths: create and the riders come.
And it turns out, the same could be said will Fahrraddiebe.Radfahrer from New York to San Francisco infrastructure use new commuters, thieves to take a growing interest in two-wheel travel, drivers and advocates report angezeigt.Die reaction of some cities and local law enforcement agencies was a kind of high-tech national channel game one bait bicycles and radio Tracker with social media sites.

San Francisco police work with advocates of a series of stings of this summer to develop the hidden channels mounted on bicycles.

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