Monday, July 12, 2010

NY bike jumble ride Sunday

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The NY bike jumble exhibition called: "Strong backs, weak minds."The story of Coney Island Vélodrome, "is to celebrate a Ende.Um, there is a ride out on the former site of the track... Coney."

Here is more info:

Please visit the for a mellow bike ride from the old stone house on the former site the Coney Island velodrome.and then for a reception back in the old stone house.

Riders meet at 1 pm, before the old stone house in JJ Byrne / Washington Park and return at 4 am.The trip is along greenways so many Brooklyn as possible as a tribute to Brooklyn Greenway is sponsor of the exhibition gehen.Ein reception takes from 4 pm to 6 am on the visitors who can also see exhibition nibble as the refreshments are served.

The Coney Island Vélodrome July 19 1930, opened as the world towards depression slipped Krieg.Bereits who popularity of cycling, culminating in the early 1920s, dwindling was and a 10,000 seat bike racing arena was an act of Supreme optimism. regardless of soldered the track on as to provide the last velodrome in America that would motor paced races where the driver behind motorcycles reach speeds over 50 mph racing excitement and chills.

The exhibit has actual bikes that were on the line as special photos, programs, tickets and other ephemera, including a

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