Thursday, July 22, 2010

The shame of commute by bike: same attitude, various infrastructure

With the tour de France almost ("" is almost pretentious for "close"), I am pleased to announce, I will render a tour de France-themed blog on the sports-website ("Rendering" is curating 2.0) universal. As with my universal I will seek Giro d ' Italia blog, to bring the type of insight you only from someone can get that just is the action on TV, that by the time you read my blog at least twice from the actual race deleted meaning. However, I would not want my objectivity and impartiality corrupted by close of the procedure, which is why I Universal's offer passage to France, as even my own BSNYC/RTMS stickered smart with huge roof of mounted RIP torn bobblehead car in the caravan, completely turned off. The blog will start sometime tomorrow, and blog or my Twittular account will I directly to it about this as soon as I know what happened to me.
But during the tour de France world (unless you in France, apparently a real place where are actual people lives), it is probably more worth a look at the kind of ordinary cycling many of us every day practice. If "Habitual cycling" means pizza binges in Portland, or wandering off somewhere and yoga to do, but for the rest of us who inhabit that little neighborhood called it "Reality" simply means commute.Of course, bicycle commute varies from city to city and from city to city, and each locale has its own unique and endearing Funktionen.Beispielsweise in New York, we have "Depths" and here is a typical, I recently made:

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