Friday, July 23, 2010

Tapping for answers: crooked letters and leaning reasoning

Way back on the Dachshund of time we our children encouraged to be quiet and obedience. (And "encourages" means "beat with sticks.") After all, was though, silence, opportunity, curiosity and obedience to prematurity. Incessant questions were not more than a form of Impugnity discouraged; instead were encouraged as a sign of intelligence. To a certain extent, this was a good thing, a child as a slap in the face is certainly more edifying for a response. However, how things went too far when the most indulgences, and our culture was finally so seriously is taken one in which each inane juvenile statement as a decision. Over the years and decades, our sleep children become adults (at least physically) and the result is, we are a company which has now default mode of discourse is the stupid question. View the latest "tweet" from popular actor Rainn Wilson:

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