Saturday, July 3, 2010

Under Blue Skies in Butte, Montana

Kent made camp by Uncle Sam Creek last night and slept well, very glad to have the sleeping bag liner and Capilene Longjohns that he purchased in Helena. Conditions continued cold and snowy on his way into Butte this morning. The climb up the Lava Mountain trail was challenging but beautiful, with snow on the trees, and an elk with a young elk calf wandering by.

As Kent was coming down into Butte, a sports reporter flagged him down with a Mountain Turtle banner, and did a quick interview on the road. Then he was into town around 11:00 to stock up on supplies at Safeway, get the bike some cleaning and tuning up at the Outdoorsman, and enjoy a pork chop sandwich, French fries, and milk at John's.

As Kent was getting ready to head out, he noted that there was "lots of blue sky" and was optimistic that this would dry out some of the mud a bit. He is, as always, "having a wonderful time."Posted byChristine Petersonat5:36 PM

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