Saturday, July 24, 2010

Urbana: A to B to fun

by Richard Masoner

Review of the bicycle Urbana

"A2Bism" - a term coined by Mikael Colville Anderson of Copenhagenize - is the idea that bicycles for transportation is such an everyday concept, you think not even there.

Do you think about your day-to-day car use - you in special clothing suit or worry about the route that you nehmen.Sie hop in your car and go.This is the philosophy behind some current cycling advocacy that promotes cycling as a daily, utilitarian Transportmittel.Sie in special clothing suit - hop only on the bike and go.

As Paul Harris of Canadian bike distributor KMI "A b" bikes for the utility market at Interbike a few years ago tried but he bicycles thought all missed an important component: SpaƟ.Er has to create an A to B machine designers, dedicated urban commuters and mountain bikers Jerome Roy that is driving fun with experienced bicycle and the result is the Urbana place.

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