Monday, August 2, 2010

A new route for Tampa Bay area commuters

Posted by Jack "Ghost Rider" Sweeney July - 5-2010

All around great guy and friend of Jim shirk sent to the following... a new connector trail for people from the city N in downtown Tampa commute ' country/Westchase Nachbarschaften.Vor this connector, there was not much really great options for routes, but this new trail - the "U trail" - takes a lot of the hassle out of things:

Commuters will be glad to know there is a new way of Westchase place n ' country downtown Tampa. "U Trail" to the southern end of Tampa of international of airport Elminates the need, Hillsborough or SR 60 to drive to the city centre. The route begins at the southern end of Skyway Park (Veterans Expressway is located on the South side of the independence Parkway to) runs under SR 60 to cross and then South of SR 60, exit Cypress Street South.Total length is about 2 Meilen.Der way leads through wetlands and drainage facilities for the airport, and is a good place for bird watching.The trail design is that after a rain well, except for drainage, with many puddles.

I rode the trail on the day of independence from oil drive and was able to Curtis Hixon Park in less than an hour of town n ' Country.Ein thank you to Linda Saul Sena is fine-this is a fine addition to bicycle commuters during championed in the Tampa City Council.

Here's a satellite map of the route:

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