Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Patrick Pogan sentenced today

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No jail time was no probation, a community-service that the conviction for ex-police officer Patrick Pogan today, ending a lengthy legal circus in New York.Pogan was the guy who body Christopher long time's square checks during a critical mass ride and was shocked by the nation of tourist to videotape gefangen.Das video and began a long legal battle that awarded a settlement Christopher long and lost his job Pogan.

Here is a story from the New York post.

Bike push COP, who spared prison, parole in penalty-free conviction
Posted: 3: 13 pm, July 14, 2010

There is no prison, no parole and no civilian service for infamous, caught on video-bike-push cop Patrick Pogan.

In emotional convicted Manhattan justices of the Supreme Court Maxwell Wiley today, let the 24 year-old former rookie to walk out of court, in tears, without any penalty ever - besides suffered by which Pogan called "this nightmare."

"I hope this nightmare behind me bring and prove to you that I a highly productive member of society," the young ex-police officer told the judge.

Pogan was a third generation, violently a critical mass cyclist pushed ten days at work by civilian video from his bike and was captured two years ago the sidewalk in times square.

The slide acquitted - Pogan had testified in April he succeeded only police orders to stop breaking the law cyclists, by whatever means necessary - he had condemned to center the cyclist to attack a crime for lying on paperwork has been.

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I'm not really sure to feel level basically like on this one... critical about in New York is continue to harass cops cyclists, proceedings will continue.

So, what is your opinion? this week's survey:

What is the best lesson that our society learned from Patrick Pogan path?Pesky tourists, the cops video ruins skills of critical Mass.Its order to Assualt cyclists who are just not the PaperworkLossing mess up your job as a police officer, the penalty Enoughwe need documentation of the police more wrong doingdon ' t bike by's time square at the rookie cops PatrollingTrails against the police, the wrong do, is also a great waste of Timestop harassment and leave critical mass AloneNone of the above
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