Saturday, August 7, 2010

Yoxi competition. 4 Teams for the best campaign for more and more people on bikes.

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Four teams compete for a winning campaign to more people on bikes as part of a campaign for better biking get to erstellen.Erfahren more about it on:

or watch this video:

YOXI letter from Yoxi tv on Vimeo.

One of the teams!OLA, contacted me about their pitch:
Three former non bikers based in New York!"Ola will inspire to take others as a form of urban transport biking.""The campaign for better biking" is a proposal for a multi platform campaign that humor is character-driven, uses information about issues relating to biking in an unexpected way to vermitteln.Sie believe that the fastest way to get more bikes on the road a change in the law or an increase in bike lanes, but is not a change in attitude.

To learn more you can click on this link to see our campaign pitch.

Then there's the Urbanfuturists.
Your plan is to design a social network with your mobile and create always points for riding.

Bike tab urban futurists on Vimeo.

Then the team is one of the zip car, bike-sharing approach.

ZIP IT!from team one on Vimeo.

And we can not team 2 that omit bike pool.

Bike pool of Yoxi_team2 on Vimeo.

All campaigns to see, and then click your favorite by leaving comments to vote.

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