Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Department store commuter bike?

I saw this bike while browsing through my local target. It got my attention because it has some of the essentials to love the bike commuters. Elements such as fenders, gears, rack, upright position and a stylish look.

Here is the functions listed here:

# Manufacturer recommended age: 18 years and more
# Bicycle frame height: 15?
# Bicycle frame/component features: adjustable handlebar, chain guard
# Bicycle frame material: steel
# Seat features: quick release seat, ergonomic, adjustable seat height
# Wheel features: pneumatic
# Wheel height: 28?
# RIM material: metal alloy
# Tire type: inverted
# Tire width: 1. 95?
# Brake system: linear
# Gear speeds: 21
# Bicycle chain material: aluminium
# Used for: recreational rider
# Includes: rear storage rack, front fender, kick stand
# Care and cleaning: wipe clean with SOAP and water
"# Dimensions: height: 41.0"; length: 68,0 "; width: 24.0"
# Product weight: 42.0 LB.

@ $179.99 Prices

My first thought when I first eyes placed on it, "Cool, objective is a s bike sale!"But the more I saw and nach.Dieses thought about motorcycle is a farce! on one weighs damn thing 42 kg! this is as heavy as my downhill bike! at the same time I think to have Wal-Mart, target the worst Komponenten.Wenn bikes get a chance, the wheels on all wheels spin have the display, you will feel / wheels normally stock brakes are almost never loops hear. and the rear derailleurs are never voted all the handlebars are typically not installed correctly, the brake levers are most likely in the air show straight upwards.

On the other hand, there are people, who may not have the means to a better bike to leisten.Somit is $179 s bike the next best Sache.Wenn I would recommend to anyone, I would say this bike, it would be-Pick for college students, an OK (best) gehen.Other are than, on a tight budget or for a MOM or a dad, only once every couple months riding if you in the market for a s bike would I of each bicycles remain clear from a big box stores could find.

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