Sunday, November 14, 2010

Haulin' ' Colin super large duty time bike trailers

Check for all of you fans really a lot to do with a bicycle out Haulin' ' Colin's bike cargo trailers.  Dave Shapiro alerted us this great freight haulin' machines handmade in Seattle, Washington with a warning that you now have production models available.  If you are looking for a large capacity trailer, you're lucky.  Dave has supporters at $750 including free shipping (not sure if this means within the continental United States) listed.  There are also "Quantity discounts available and reduced for community organizations".  And the production model of all kinds of custom options are also available and is done by the guys who sell the product, it is very likely that you drag with all sorts of interesting solutions, your cargo needs to solve can come up.

Taking a look through the Haulin' ' Colin blog photos of the trailer, I was very impressed by it is sturdy and yet simple design.  The body of the trailer looks very robust and impressive with its diamond plated steel Loadbed.  solid support 6 support bars that rail that looks could top like you, for elements that use wider than the wheels on resting.  Speaking of the wheels, the beam around the way provides a simple, strong wheel for both mounting point and provides protection for the wheels.Arm inspired confidence the double bar hitch and integrated into the trailer body with what support beam boost to his seems, seems to attach what to a well thought-out heavy-duty bike trailer hitch to be this trailer to Setup for heavy loads should be able to. 

 In contrast to two wheel bicycle trailer with lower loads this heavy burden must up capacity trailer solution which offers a robust trailer hitch bike.  View of the impressive Haulin' ' Colin hitch design, I thought that I fast a few notes on bike trailer hitch design should make.  Bike trailers are an important factor in considering problems that determines the lower loading capacity (typically 75 to 100 pounds), the most bike trailers, cargo, pet and baby.  Simple hitch Burley, chariot and Karinconway, draft are easy to install and use and are also simple enough in design and materials, so that they are quite affordable.For heavy-duty trailer as Colin Haulin' ' is a more robust hitch solution erforderlich.Haulin Colin's solution involves well though out simple and robust.  Using a bracket provides a solution for the seat stay and chain linked to a cross member/Stabalizer with Swivel hitch point on the bottom stay this hitch design the both very hard, but simple enough to mount the most bikes. 

  When comparing this hitch design to the other heavy bike trailer hitch designs that we know Bikes At Work and surly's new "the trailer", Colin's offers a nice balance of simplicity and ease.  Bikes at work solution is a bit too simple and grassroots whilst the surly seems a bit more about built as is required.Calling something cloverleaf is not necessarily a negative, especially if it involves heavy duty bike trailer and I give props to surly for the innovative work in your hitch design gesteckt.Ein genuine advantage the surly trailer hitch design is its ability to work with a variety of bikes.Both bikes at work Haulin' Colin's design are limited to working with bike to have the frames with positions for mounting the breakdowns.With these thoughts, both of these hitch design would some effect frames stop, depending on how you installed and should be attached in any case not to carbon fibre frames.

But I digress ab.Meine main point here is to read the large heavy duty bike trailer references in Seattle is it great to see the heavy cargo site of bike Trailering, starting with this great trailer with grumpy's new "the trailer" open.

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