Thursday, November 11, 2010

Newyork bike, bike commuting 101

Bike New York is an adult eduction class for cycling, presented in New York.

Bike newyork, a non-profit organization that promotes cycling and bike safety, is to provide New Yorkers with the "in the and outs" of cycling in a forthcoming presentation to arbeiten.Fahrrad commute 101 provide participants with helpful tips, how the many benefits of bike commute.

Although no actual biking while participants receive tons of information on the presentation, a bike commute more convenient, more efficient and more secure to make great giveaways provided up voucher worth $75 for everyone including a bike tune werden.Keine advance reservation is required.

Course content includes the following:

o select a bike

o what to wear (helmets, bike clothing that visible)

o gear for carrying after dark and bad weather riding

o, the selection of the best route

o parking and lock your bike

o take care your body during and after the bike commute

o employee perceptions of cyclists and bike commuters

· WHO: Bike New York

· What: bike commuting 101 - presentation

· When: Thursday, October 28, 2010 6: 30 pm 7: 30 p.m

· WHERE: Eastern mountain sports, 530 Broadway at Spring Street, Soho, Manhattan


Bike New York ( is a non-profit organization that promotes and encourages best biggest producer of the nation leisure cycling event, the TD Organisationen.Am the cycling and bike safety through education, public events and cooperation with the community and the Government known Bank five BORO bike tour, bike New York takes also a bicycle education program offers free classes and workshops for adults and children with curricula, rental bikes and training programs for educators who want to offer bicycle programs.

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