Friday, November 12, 2010

Police go to the crackdown in New York

Now, sees it as the NYPD go upheld the popularity of cycling With…a reward. And I'm sure this has nothing to with a number of cyclists about 900,000 for false arrest and harassment at the critical mass or the one or two people facing protests to show, to do their outrage for new bicycle paths.

According to the New York times we should extra warning for race is.

City cyclists will crack down on Scofflaw
Published: October 21, 2010

The New York Police Department is planning to step up enforcement of bicycle safety in parts of the city, which have a disproportionately higher rate of collisions with cyclists, the city officials said Thursday.

The initiative on common cycling infractions such as red lights running or riding on the sidewalk would be comes added after streets in downtown Manhattan and Brooklyn numerous complaints about two wheels of Scofflaws and recent protests against new bicycle paths.

""We have 250 miles of track on the last four years and thousands of new bike racks"Janette Sadik-Khan, the city transport Commissioner, said at a press conference.""We are friendly to cyclists gewesen.Jetzt is it time for cyclists to be friendly to the city."

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Please send reports me, if you get a ticket or witness police ticketing cyclists.

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