Thursday, November 18, 2010

Princeton TEC PUSH review

Now, where the Sun is going down earlier in the day, can you see with a good light system and seen on the streets. Princeton Tec PUSH was a mechanism to see us, when it is sent up to par with bike commuters was needs.

POWER 100 lumens
Maxbright LAMP LED
BURN you TIME 63 the hours 4/14/63-hour run time
LIGHT mode of high, low and Flash Mode page view window create 260 deg of visibility
Batteries 3 AAA alkaline or rechargeable
Weight 115 grams
MSRP: $50, but can for online be found as low as $34 (Google it)

One of the things that I have the PUSH like is the fact that it is self-contained.I have to mess with battery packs and wires.

Here is a nice little feature: a page view window with a flashing red LED light for added Sichtbarkeit.funktioniert it?It does;If I people if you could see the red light from the side was asked how I of horseback riding, all agreed that pop out.I like the idea of in page view, because we but give enough side marker attention front and tail lights.The red LED gives an additional way to see drivers.

100 Lumen is in my opinion quite hell.Aber it is hard to capture that on the Kamera.Allerdings is 100 lumens bright enough to with see and if you Flash mode, cars will certainly change you see from the Ferne.Ich would point out that the light on my Cyclocross bike was mounted, I rode the local mountain bike trail system using the PUSH as my primary Licht.Die PUSH lit the tracks with enough light, where I could see safely and travel at the speed I usually ride the trail with.

Total Princeton Tec PUSH is a pretty good Licht.Es serves both BE mentioned Lakes and light system for your bike to sehen.Wie, it is bright enough to mountain biking verwenden.Lebensdauer of battery on it is pretty spot on with to what the information recommended retail price is around $50 zeigen.Die but found after googling, I it for about $34! I would definitely recommend this light to anyone who is on the market for a decent light system at a great price.

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