Saturday, November 13, 2010

A suitcase bike trailer solution

Maurice writes the following about his Setup:

"Twice now I made long distance solo bike tours in Europe." Three years ago it was the Alps, the Switzerland and then by Croatia. This year it was Loire Valley and Brittany two months in France. I have both my own trailer. I use an ordinary case, that is my luggage to the aircraft.At the destination airport I insert an axis, made from a length of threaded rod into the holes in the case install the Commons and put by a kid's bikes, bike obtained the Salvation Army for about $10 geborgen.Dann put I expanded that case handle on the Bike rack.
I proper wear when biking no weight on my shoulders or by bike (No bags) shoulder to fatigue or bicycle balance is not a problem.  Works like a charm. 

This combination works well on trains where I had to bags, get to remove the bike on the train by me.With my rig I unhook the trailer then the bicycle trailer set and on the train separately."If home return, I throw away of axles and wheels - and the case is ready for the aircraft ready."

We applaud Maurice for his innovative get it done Geist.Es looks like a very interesting arrangement thought the handling properties have some interesting dynamics can. it looks like a useful combination of available materials for a nice solution for some great travel.

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