Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Art show in Brooklyn bike and Board Martinez Gallery

NEW YORK presents one Martinez Gallery exhibition at the Brooklyn bike and Board, which Captain Roodnat be converted into a gallery from the Dutch design team. 10 Ma business graffiti 'Kings' have created 10 original works with bikes as your walls and trains. Case2 used to ' trains piece - to paint - cars from top to bottom in the 1970s and 1980s 'just me'
"could go by myself see."Work in this show is the train to ride him and his fellow artists/vandals and show your work throughout the city.

Even before you were painted show Brooklyn meets all the bikes in the B & B owner Brian's Gluck vision of beauty by function."Bicycles are machines, which should make your life easier and improve your Lebensunterhalt.Wie this silly little short bar sense not No." You will not in between cars to fit the narrower than your
Hips and shoulders anyway. "Do not work, you disfunctional." Most of the store were bicycles recycling of "The old Rustbuckets brought back to life."

Graffiti Kings painting well-designed bikes, however, tier new form on Funktion.Die show celebrates transformation tion of rusty junk on renovated bike art object. It celebrates also mobility, accessibility and freedom. See all courier and package in your hands to demonstrate that you can get a bike faster than a car or u-Bahn around the city.
And now, a monthly MetroCard costs more than $100, worker all collars for bicycle commute decide.

Repeat the abandoned - dropped bikes - fully abandoned - offender artists - in RE: CYCLES.You meet ironically, in simply gene of Trifying prospect heights - but it is Commission finds ironic completely appropriate for bicycles.Originally man, the hedge fund traders cardio training, and the great hope of urban are the livelihood of delivery a plaything of the rich, bikes now
Green movements.

Similarly confused graffiti art as a rich man's Spiel.Es steals your screen from the city and its geniuses land in prison.(Graffiti is a crime.Merging two DIY cultures in RE: CYCLE, what in the art you to bekommt.Gluck says the painted bikes "have not put $400 on a wheel look cool or look at 'custom' (and usually just like everyone else) to spend."
"The Sharpies and spray paint on these bikes are used open to everyone and make your bike a piece of art."And this piece is always moving, always visible.

Mobility to present and fill the gap of museums, art by criminal point prevents the show will until a day every week to various cultural and civic institutions, including MOMA, met, the Guggenheim and the Whitney Museum roll.

MOSCO (Mexico City)
RATE (Boston)
IDEA (Los Angeles)
WITNESS (Los Angeles)

RE: CYCLES is 31 view 13 November - January 2011
Tuesday - Sunday 9 AM-9 PM / Martinez Gallery
c/o Brooklyn bike & Board, 560 Vanderbilt Avenue, Brooklyn, 212-619-2149

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