Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bike commute incentives: U.S. V UK

The juxtaposition of bike commuter benefits offered by the United States and the United Kingdom is in a Word, revealed.  1 January 2009 has bicycle commuter Act, the part of renewable energy tax credit legislation is employer in the United States the opportunity to workers commuting expenses as non-taxable persons fringe benefit help given.  In the United Kingdom, employers and workers have cycle work schema enjoyed since 1999.  The idea behind both government programs is to promote and support people who decide to go to work, but the incentives that could be offered in any program not be more different.

  The bicycle commuter Act can offer participating U.S. companies employees up to twenty dollars per month if the workers in the work regularly on a bicycle commutes and receives no other transportation reimbursement benefits.  That's $240 in the pocket of the whole American bike year dedicated commuter provided that commuters law is his or her employer on board with the bike.  An employee of anywhere from $34,000 to $82,400 per year great pays approximately 25% in federal income taxes, which means that the Government to over $60 per commuters in this category loses the employer the transport through a tax-free use this alternative form to help an incentive (Note: I'm no accountant and the actual tax rate is not a full 25% of the gross wage, so please excuse my back of-the envelope calculation).Compared to the U.S. Government funded the Car allowance rebate program or cash for clunkers, $2,000 was estimated in 2009 with $3 billion of old, promoting driver Fumé exuding saving cars on new fuel cars to reduce pollution to aktualisieren.Die cost of the program per person. 

In the UK the cycle work schema allows employers, bicycles and cycling safety equipment tax-free to engineers for transport purposes loans to erwerben.Solange of employee the bike regularly for is to use at least part of his or her your commute there is no specified limit can be issued with regard to how much on the bike and safety equipment is defined by common sense (although bicycles, more than 1,000 £ [1600 US$] now additional approval required).In some cases of the employer which covers the cost bike and equipment as well as in other cases right of employees to a salary sacrifice, where he gets the advantage, tax free, instead of a part of his salary.

The concept is dasselbe.Die execution is nicht.Es considerations are infrastructure, culture and education, also understood before a blanket statement on each country's commitment to bike pendeln.Aber, the priorities within the US transport budget are evident when you cycling as incentives to the drive incentives compare and UK shows that it is possible to place a greater emphasis on alternative transportation solutions.

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