Friday, January 28, 2011

More reflective goodies at

I ran into Michael Ploch Caleb's creations at this year's Bicycle Bash and he had many new Sharrow printed items on display. Do you remember Sharrow T-Shirts, right? You know the place that makes the awesome reflective West?

Michael has his online order page, including mesh- versions of the original Sharrow vest in both security blaze a number of these elements become yellow and orange hinzugefĆ¼gt.Ich have one mesh West for the intensive summer light polyester of my current vest try heat to live on hot days is surprising enough pretty stuffy.

There are others were also - T-shirts, sweatshirts and hats; all you have icon USDOT Sharrow, and many of the elements have printed "Share the lane" on you in the same reflective material.I made a really nice baseball cap from Michael, too - reflective 3 M "Scotchlite" on the edge and adjustment strap and the Sharrow icon above:

With early sunsets in full swing is a good idea at the time of the Jahres.Schauen you extra visible is the Sharrow T-Shirts offers by visiting your site, and tell you, you will gesendet.Sie be glad Jack, you have!

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