Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Any person who makes metal limited inside for a better community"

On the heels of Josh King's gear recommendations for urban commuting bad weather I found more recommendations for winter cycling equipment and an overview of the best bicycle tires for wet or snowy conditions both on Yahoo! Sports, of all places. (I confess, underestimated Yahoo!, I you.)

The California Environmental Protection Agency is a four-week trial of a bike sharing program perform. Big whoop, right?But do it with bionx equipped e-bikes .Ihren parade, Washington DC.
[Via EcoVelo]

Speaking of e-bikes, California and studies: the new wheel in San Francisco instead of a demonstration of your e-bikes in the Golden Gate Park. Get your message transported the bikes to underline your demo location on a bike trailer

In Nashville, regional leaders recently met to discuss urban sprawl."Nashville people spend more time in their cars than in other areas."Of from the head of the Nashville Metropolitan Planning Organization, Michael understatement Skipper.Nashville leads the nation in that average time commuters spend in their cars as a result of urban sprawl.Skipper is spearheading buses, trains, bikes and Walkable communities will prioritize a transport plan.

Ethel MacDonald, a 72-year-old bicycle commuters filled your car the other day for the first time since January 23, 2010.In meanwhile has traveled nearly 3000 miles by bike; a combination of 1,200 miles in Missoula and touring from Paris to Amsterdam to commute, and horse riding along the West coast of America.

"" I love our city,"said MacDonald."I really think each person on a bike and any person, hiking or horseback riding a bus makes our city to live a more friendly place.

"Anyone who makes metal limited inside for a better community."

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