Monday, January 24, 2011

Sangre's "Lightcycle"

Now, TRON: legacy is opening in theaters on Friday, it signaled the perfect time to show you a wild and wonderful creation reader "Sangre De La Cruz" sent in for us to share:

Anyway. What started as a project to eliminate headphones of my bike

Evolved into a ipad stereo / GPS Mapper / performance monitor

Add better speakers

And finally it framed with el wire to make it a bit more visible.

I'm going with my iPod and headphones for about a year if I left take into the lane to prepare back out to activate without checking the shoulder. There was a vehicle that was on the brakes be beat me slam. Totally my fault. Believe me I didnt you lean my blind spot without verification afterwards. But it still plagued me I traffic coming could listen up behind me.

I get a ipad. I decide to build a holder for it, and use the built-in 2-Watt speaker. Woot, no more headphones.

The ipad is protected with a "Zagg Shield" a vinyl wrap that Cusions and protects it from scratches.

The mountain is just a hard shell ipad case, the the ipad in, sitting in a second soft silicon iPod skin snaps to protect the base of spray (both from BestBuy) fixed a motorcycle GPS mount. I ended up on a lark, building, because although I knew, RAM mounts that came out with a ipad mount in 3 weeks (by then, out now), I was not prepared to wait. Drilled some holes in all of it, to line up some machine head screws, and locking nuts with caps

So, I'm totally in love with this thing. I am using motion X GPS HD about GPS is a sport. It is designed for biker/walkers/skiers, pretty well anything developed is not. You have also an excellent driving-app, which is separated. I have all the time with its built-in melodies in iTunes player rocks. But I'm not happy with the 2 watt output.
One other thing: with the GPS app giving me now performance metrics (distance traveled, AVG and top speed, altitude and speed charts) I find myself further every day cycling, commute my 6 k, 10 k and 15 k then is how to get to work circle my city. And I think I am to doing 30-40 k on the weekends.

Yes, speakers.

A little research turns up These speakers have time on a single charge and charging via USB internal battery, great sound, 10hrs. An important consideration, because the entire unit as a single piece from POPs and plug in a USB hub to recharge.

I will add piece a T shaped aluminium (grabbed from Home Depot, the type used, to frame 2 × 4's construction) between the hard case and the GPS, mounting plate, and use the speakers on the record to paste, after the rough both surfaces to the epoxy better to allow a 60-minute epoxy.

Now I have 5 watts or 2.5 times the volume of the ipad alone. Its actually ear Division at max volume, placing in strong winds, I consider it at 70%.

Well, I found, I had a play list to make the public was friendly. One day on the way home, I was at an intersection in addition to a family of pedestrians, on the violent femmes sing "Dance" mother * in the vicinity of max volume came.


As for the El wire. I wanted to add more visibility to my profile. And so amazingly cool as possible look while to do it. I regret sincerely not always the cobalt blue. I in the last second stalled advised and went as I wanted fire mountain frame accordingly of the Kona with red. But I regret this decision. The Red is just not blue would have been as sharp as that.

5 Mm Elwire has about 40 feet foot and 1.33 lasted the whole bike. I soldered the connectors and driver. Each wheel has an own inverter and 9v battery. The wheel itself runs on a 12v 8xAA battery Pak under the seat. I used some simple plastic cable ties, attach it to the frame and epoxied the wires to the edges of each wheel.

I walk me too with the el wire on solid, but the driver strobe and slow Flash and Flash options.

You are welcome to share as much or as little as you like. In the excited is that anyone is interested. Everyone in my work is mostly sick of me to talk, hehe, although stereo damn impressed with the ipad were.

Now that you know we love around here some DIY at Bikecommuters. com…and funkier, the better. Hope to enjoy this creation!

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