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Urban bad weather commuting

Josh King lives in Seattle, where he commutes by bike of every day, rain or shine. Earlier in this year he joined full time commuting each speed; Can his thoughts on the gearless go read

Start commute throughout the year and you'll have to make some adjustment for crappy weather. When I started working, my rainy day adjustment riding was easy: take the bus instead. And when I finally decided to ride to try home in the rain, it was frightening in one word.Seattle is very dark us in winter and dark plus rain equal to some seriously suboptimal Reitzustände.Aber as I gradually geared up and because accustomed that I grew up riding in the rain to enjoy - and even occasionally look on you.

I know twisted. Anyway, a few thoughts about town, when bad weather riding:

Is visible and predictable is never more important than riding in the rain. Driver visibility is limited. Pedestrians are hard to see, and often scurrying. And people, to cover the emerging from parked cars - often in a hurry you could be also invisible. So this is get lots of lighting key.But comfortable take the track is equal wichtig.Sie be out the door zone that makes much more visible in all areas. Plus, you have to maneuver room running someone helter-skelter across the street for the sanctuary of an awning. Always a powerful taillight has miracle to make me confident that I would get hit from behind, when to take the track in the rainy dark.

Because it is hard eye contact in the rain and darkness making I tend to slower and defensive driving much more if it regnet.Die commute most of my runs through heavy pedestrian areas and drivers are often between Pack peds right turns make dart or links transformed in Parkplätze.Ich always to see for slowing traffic (because many cars not signal), and make sure that I stop room or a way out. Passing on the right side of bike lanes, is risky as it really hard for drivers by dark you and rain-soaked window is visible. I try to avoid it unless it is nowhere to turn (including parking) for the car.

In addition to effective lighting, decisions made easier to manage a number of simple course horse riding in the rain a lot:

Basic gloves.My gloves cold weather were sodden when it came to drive time at home but I found that basic non-waterproof Microsfleece gloves with WINDSTOPPER material for my short commuting fine waren.Sicher to get my hands a bit wet but you never get misery. And the gloves are easy enough to make to dry way through time evening comes. Helmet cover. Not only it deters the rain, but always with illuminite substance into your head a beacon, when touch always a car headlight on it. Brilliant stuff. And because function on or off in seconds goes you can easily (it negatively affects ventilation) remove him for longer trips. Shoe covers. How many of the urban commuters ride I in work clothes. I would include except biking shoes is hard to do - but two years ago this was to find made of Oregon's J & G.Sie clunkiest of shoes shoe covers that fit over something.You will not cycle mode to win prizes with this mini hefty bags on your feet, but are durable and effective. My original pair is still strong.  Pack cover. Many people in Seattle in favor of waterproof location body bags, but I'm partial to my packaging provides more organization and laptop protection. This simple cover of CamelBak (usually available for less than $10) goes beyond my bag in seconds and transparency. Rain bike. Always a bike with full front Mudguard can help a lot, keep the street grit and reduce maintenance. That is my first attempt at a rain bike was a disaster. I bought a 1966 AMF Hercules three speed. It looked great, and the price was right... but the Steering was uncontrollable and the old brakes flat-out failed the first time I rode it during heavy rains. That when I sold it and bought the animal, a single speed 29er Marin.This brings me to make individual speed.My assumption of single speeding horse riding was born in dealing with issues of weather-related Derailler frustration.Slipped and broken chains and dodgy transmissions are not only annoying, but you can be downright dangerous if you need immediate performance.Single speed requires very little maintenance, and you must never slip gears or derailment if you do apply at the wrong time.Plus it's incredibly fun - as if first you ride a bike as a child.I have some thoughts (and charts) on selecting the right gearing for single speed together.

Respect your limits.It took a while before I felt comfortable riding in the rain, especially in the Nacht.Ich would not recommend, someone who I will not to drücken.Und still snowy or iced ride is bis.Das partly because my ride is so steep, but mainly because drivers in Seattle have no idea how these conditions to navigieren.Es happens only once every few years, but if it does, the streets are a Gerangel.Sie are unsure, on sidewalks, let alone in the Straßen.An I'm happy these days again the bus ride,.

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