Friday, June 18, 2010

Butterfly Racers

I spoke to Kent a few minutes ago and he related this wonderful story from the road.

Riding through the mountains of Montana, he keeps noticing all these butterflies. Little brown and orange butterflies, about the size of a quarter.

As he's riding, he's realizing that they migrate thousands of miles. And in fact, so is he, at the moment. And the little butterflies, they fly along, usually alone, and almost exactly the speed he is riding.

But sometime they cluster in little groups. It took a while of riding to notice that they cluster around piles of animal poop.

And it occurred to him suddenly that they are just like Tour Divide racers! They travel thousands of miles, slowly, through the mountains alone, and occasionally they stop moving, cluster and eat crap!Posted byMark Canizaroat4:45 PM

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