Friday, June 18, 2010

On the Edge of Whitefish

If you've been following the Tour Divide coverage online, you know that Kent was back in the USA on Sunday around lunchtime, calling in from the First and Last Chance Bar in Port of Roosville, Montana. He camped above the Wigwam River the night before and described the climb up out of the Wigwam Valley as "really something," with mud cliffs that appeared practically vertical -- a long and challenging climb, followed by snow on Galton Pass.

Since then he's continued into Montana, stopping to camp early last night at Tuchuck Campground, realizing there would be more snow at Red Lake and not wanting to head into it in the dark. He did some minor work on the bike, and then continued on this morning, hiking through about three miles of snow. He saw a badger, and so far no more bears, but got a really good picture of bear tracks (which I hope were heading in the opposite direction)!

Kent is feeling very good and rested after a longer stop last night and the bike is working great. It's sunny now, with some clouds rolling in. He'll stop for some food in Whitefish, and then be rolling on.Posted byChristine Petersonat1:27 PM

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