Friday, June 18, 2010

Podcast from Kent

There is audio of Kent's call in from the border available on MTBcast and on the TD website.

You can also listen to the entire half hour MTBcast with news from the race and all (or most) of the call-ins included. Kent's call is in the Sunday show.


In short, Kent is very very positive (unlike most of the other racers who are rather negative... one more reason i really like riding with Kent!). He is awed by the beautiful country. He said there has been quite a bit of snow, lots of bike hiking. He is clearly having a great time. He is feeling great, his equipment is working well. It sounds to me like he less surprised, better prepared than many other riders. Not a surprise if you know Kent. He said he's going slow and steady but feels on pace. In reference to the climb up out of wigwam valley he said, "that was something" -- about the the closest you will ever get to hearing Kent say something was hard.

Matthew Lee, at the front of the race reports snow on pretty much all of the passes. And from all the racer comments it sounds like it's really hot in the valleys and plenty cold on the mountains.Posted byMark Canizaroat12:42 PM

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