Thursday, July 29, 2010

Authenticity: If to AX, can you afford it

As you might already have noticed, is the tour de France bicycle race in progress (like my tour de France-themed webular log for universal sports you can find here). Have driver crashes were fighting, and contains "Samples" of Paris-Roubaix because today's race many people speculate that the peloton as Jenga will enter blocks on the hood of a Chevy Nova. In particular many fear for Alberto Contador, who has not much "savoir pave" and you are acting as the second the paving stones met his tyres, he starts Jack-in-the-box into the stratosphere as a kind of Fingerbanging. Frankly, I believe that these fears are unfounded; not only Contador is an experienced professional, but he was also coach Peter van Petegem, has ever seen most hirsute classics riders Cyclesport. So blessed the follicle is van Petegem he as Johan Musseuw's donor served hair transplant and Contador is undoubtedly his dick a swatch and shiny coat in the Pocket are carrying Jersey for happiness and crash protection.
Also, the tour through Belgium last weekend it inherited Eddy Merckx's 65th birthday feierte.Apropos "Merckx porn"(I was on Friday), the Cannibal Lance Armstrong presented with a new"art box:"

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