Friday, July 16, 2010

BSNYC road dairy: Last stop-Portland

(A gift from an Austinite.)
It was both the sadness and the relief that I myself in my blogging Chair morning hoisted.The sadness that due to the fact I already miss the beautiful cities and friendly people I my travel was visited, and was the exemption because "Blogging Chair"is a euphemism for WC and I had to"pretty bad go" it is good again in New York, inasmuch as it is my home but not so much, because it is a pleasant place to be because really it is especially some of these other places compared .Noch, non - where amazing a day, without can change the property urinated on.
I am also glad that I can now resume my regular blogging schedule last week by travel and colleges was bother hat.Diese Blogular irregularity was difficult, not only for me but apparently for some readers, who temporarily anger about my was also disappointed by the contents of this blog, amended schedule expressed. Moreover, at least one reader and he had this in connection with my mention of the San José bike-party to say:

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