Thursday, July 15, 2010

Flights of fancy: the art of Unsimplification

One of the best parts is the ability to do a bra tour, ride with a bike in different cities, and one of the worst parts is your bike fly to do so. Travelling with a bike is particularly annoying, if no bike contains your relatively flat "stable", which specifically designed for broken down, so that it can fit to a "standard" - size is such a stable suitcase, and me. Here is an example of the kind of bike that I have not currently as the fun you can have with him in the room after the flight:

Even the most mundane task seems dirty and sensual monitoring with Barry White.
Flying with in the best circumstances a full size not folding bike is inconvenient, but if you fly on the airline bicycling magazine ranked second worst for bike-drag (Yiddish is "schlepping" for "portaging") is nightmarish:

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