Tuesday, November 30, 2010

After the rain

What woke up miss a Monday - too dark gray sky and lightning - but today only Chicago is having a return of spring weather. Hearing that forecast was all I needed to my day light.

Today morning my commute a mess could my later start time moist and cool, but fortunately meant, I only had to fight with gray skies and wet Pflaster.Mit temperatures that hover in the 1960s (Fahrenheit), needless to say, the journey made a short work week for a wonderful start.
Holiday decorations are already installed on my journey-, although it is still early for the wreaths and the Garland.

Tonight's dribble drive home may be surrounded by storms and a tornado or maybe also happen after the rain.

Either way, am I willing; my rainy day check list:
Bike Cap (visor, to keep the rain out of my eyes)
* Encourage jacket (I consider a vinyl jacket in my bag, just for the event, a windbreaker, and/or use a waterproof jacket, if it gets colder)
* Wool socks (only the light wigwams today)
Gore Tex Sox(especially if it is cool and I know I'll be riding in the rain)-not today require
* Under weather Sit 'n' spin length 3 / 4 pants
(but I also eventually decide to wear tights or leggings with UTW Twizzle rock)
* Waterproof Pannier banjo Bros.

Share your rainy day commuter stories and Getriebe.In of summer rain, I'm usually willing to let rain it on mich.diesen autumn and spring rain are the correct levels against the moisture when we need and the cold to Sch├╝tzen.Ich am still figure it out,

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