Monday, November 29, 2010

'You could say it's a war on cars'

Here is a De facto case illustrating the UK side of Stacey Moses' post, bike commute incentives: U.S. V UK:

Cadherent is a British CAD, multimedia, design and editorial companies that participate Bike2Work program of the country with 80% of its employees.

[T] he bike racks women artists are crammed with cycles, courtesy of the Bike2Work scheme. And [David Thompson, Managing Director of Cadherent] the green credentials of his company, strengthened not only... but acquired a healthier, slimmer and healthier bunch of workers.

Commute By Bike

If you clicked through and the previous article to read, you may have noticed the phrase "eco-friendly bike." well, I did somehow, and I thought is that a tautology?Then I remembered today already see:

Commute By Bike

The Sacramento area sustainable business program has a transportation and air quality-category of it's certification process hinzugefügt.Unternehmen can receive certification when you ten things to do, promoting the "vehicle travel cuts and air quality."Probably you mean emission-producing Fahrzeuge.Drei recommendations are:

Promotion of employees bike commute - offer storage.Provide safe zones for bicycle bike racks.Provide lockers and showers for employees to walk or bike to work.

Yuba, Cargo bikes (as well as an advertiser to commute by bike) is one of nearly 300 companies and organisations, participation in the program.

The complete list is at

Tired Oh be TV news, you ever manufacturing hyperbolic "war on..."Slogans?

The New York City Department of transportation to:

…Double bike commuters than 2007 levels by 2012 and 10% of car travel triple up 2017.In New York City are half a mile, 22% are less than 3 km - distance 1 mile and 56%, easily by bike are crowded serviert.U railways, buses spät.Befreien you can and get it by bike.

Fox News in New York called this a "war against the cars."

Will it of course vorangestellt.Aber, really Fox, how about a quote from a real newsworthy person in their classic "you could say" qualifier?

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