Wednesday, November 10, 2010

All lit up... like a Christmas tree?

Now that daylight savings time, and like most of us "back" to standard time in the United States, face more home many dark we commute. But - on the bright side - literally - we have daylight for commuting in the morning to work again. Autumn back may have occurred for me at a better time because I had to work earlier than usual on Monday morning and was so happy to have the Sun grace of my commuting in.

But the evening commute is all dark. My route takes me by an area of Chicago with many tourists. I was grinning from ear to ear to comment on each other hear me of a few businessmen, "Look - all lights like a Christmas tree" and then said to me, there's no way, you will not be seen.That is the point - to see and hopefully safe in the Dunkelheit.Meinem helmet has a CatEye Opticube Spotlight strapped to the top and a Planet Bike Super Flash on the back (with a little Kitty collar), with reflective tape and sticker attached to the page.
My colleagues cyclists are you creative, when it comes to be seen and I admired this woman hi-vis rear retro-reflectors and lights!What a great old CDs use.

Yesterday I read a post on the Bicycle Victoria website information about visibility and was surprised to read "riders seem generally have a poor understanding of what makes visible."The article went to state: "retroreflective West, highly rated by many riders were nowhere near as effectively carried as reflective stripes on the ankles and Knees‹which driver thought badly."And it rated flashing lights most effective.

I never assume each driver looks at me, so I use a combination of visibility tactics - hi-vis jacket or vest, flashing lights front and back and reflectors.

My next next to my bike will be a fiber flare, which should add even more 360-degree Visibiltiy.

In Chicago, it is the law for cyclists, a spotlight on your bikes after dark and at least a rear reflector haben.Das Active Transportation Alliance before recently ran a campaign, resources for the headlights distribution to cyclists to increase be not surprised, voluntary outdoor - flash mob style - attempting to more than 200 cyclists with provide free spotlight and cyclists about staying safe on the road after dark to educate.

Need some advice, what the differences between these lighting are decisions, Noah's recent review of lighting systems should help your lighting needs to get all evaluate illuminated also.

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