Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A thought experiment on bike safety commute

Josh King's guest post "10 rules for urban commuting" sparked a lively debate, not only in our comments but about the blogosphere. Now, the bike commuters corner of the blogosphere anyway.

If you missed it, the essence of the article (if I should a summary risk) is this: If security and survival decisive for an urban bike commuters, then laws and courtesy secondary subtleties sind.King was praised and criticized for its style and substance and people responded strongly to both.

Let's go ride a bike posted a thoughtful and passionate criticism of King's article, and it is "macho sound."In this article moved more comments as King's original article. (And Yes, we're a little jealous about it.)

Here we have in our Headquarters, which had several discussions about King's 10 rules (plus one), as well as responding to you.One of these discussions evolved this thought experiment.

Think of the fragile and valuable thing in your life, be carried out on a bicycle konnte.Es could your child, your cat or your Tom Selleck collector plate sein.Diese is valuable thing along your regular bike commute, during the time of the day with the busiest traffic, are performed on the bike of a robot holdings.

Trust me.

For example, you can the robot to say:

Follow all traffic with no exceptions.Obey all traffic laws, except for certain nonsensical ones.Obey all traffic unless laws, certain situations laws arise.Be indifferent against traffic but remain upright and to avoid collisions.

And if you are looking for loopholes are: the robot looks like a man (so it anti robot militias will not alert) is it not more or faster than you, and has the same reaction time as Sie.Wie it can say usually the difference between a person, a dog, a car, a mailbox, etc..No, it can not fliegen.Es has unbewaffnet.Es cannot turn otherwise invisible, even in a tank, a sofa, or anything to verwandeln.Genug with looking gaps! it suffice it to say that the robot has the physical abilities, but it behaves exactly as you sit behavior with no judgment.

Oh, and you will be liable for any damages or injury caused by the robot.

Their precious thing is loaded, and the robot expected your instructions.

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