Friday, November 19, 2010

Connecting, NYPD's love of cyclists.

A bit join the dots here.

Dedicated to NYC cyclists we had a long history the fight against the NYPD with our monthly critical mass rides where law enforcement authorities have tried everything in their power to stop the rides from happening.

This culminated in a parade law requires more than 50 cyclists a parade permit must purchase a group ride, in direct violation of the public constitutional rights of free Assembly re-start enables nearly impossible on critical mass by the fact that it is a spontaneous event with no guide, therefore no individual or organized group could step forward and also apply for a permission not to mention the city never would you grant a politicized in the first place as we have seen with other events.

Since then there has been much in the news were reported that a number of running processes against the NYPD for harassment and false arrest driving critical mass.

Last Monday was a settlement from the city agreed, assigning 965,000 to the plaintiff of the critical mass rides.

Then the next day a Press Conference on the steps of the Federal Court House in Manhattan with the plaintiff was Rankin, critical mass of participants and lawyers, Gideon Oliver and David place.

The NYPD, immediately responded with an announcement that it would be a "crackdown" on cyclists in areas of the city, the higher incidents of collisions where bikes seen re-start came from a recent article New York Times.

If in fact, it's a crackdown on illegal cyclists behavior would we hope that it would be your security issues and number one complaints be judged by pedestrians as e.g. riding on sidewalks.

Unfortunately we start to see things like this:

This report came from Gotha manure, gestern.Ein NYPD squad car was parked in the bike lane and received a summons to a cyclist for "riding in the bike lane."

Read the review here.

With this kind of behavior it is hard to believe the NYPD deals with a level of harassment and intimidation and then "Cracking down" on illegal cycling, so learn nothing from the recent agreement.

View the original article here

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