Thursday, November 18, 2010

Keep the bike trailer photos, comes!

A reader sent us this strange/interesting bike trailers and Pannier themed collage.  Not quite sure why so there no message.  But it reminded in connection with me the Mission of this blog, which is to publish everything bike trailer.  We are interested in photos of your bike trailer on tour around town bike commute and is used in all art's weird and wacky ways.

We are excited about diy bike trailers, new bike trailer designs and ideas, new models trailer and new Bicycle trailer accessories .Ob a touring or enthusiasts, a bicycle blogger, a diy trailer DIY commute a bicycle trailer manufacturers are working on student design project or for any other reason of bicycle trailer use and design inspired, your story/submissions are welcome!

With that in mind I thought to I keep these photos and stories, the roles in würde.Es remember fun was much, all your photos and stories this year and we very grateful for all your contributions to our publish.

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