Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Could it cause something to this Pannier...

The other day I finally rode my bike with a Pannier. This is the question banjo brothers market Pannier. I have this case for over 2 years and the amount that was to take or to perform heavy objects like a case of beer and melons for its use to food.

When I got my commute night above, instead of my backpack of full things packaging planning was I grabbed the market Pannier instead. The following morning I rack bag on the back of the rack mounted and I went. I came to my Office sweat-free (my back)!If I go, I will usually bring backpack, but guarantees me a sweaty back and sometimes painful shoulders. personally I liked never look the whole luggage bag, I always thought, it was somehow "old" search.

But maybe I also after my ride with the Pannier to eat my words

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