Monday, November 15, 2010

Three mobile apps, where cyclists on must know

If you usually take head out of cycling with a few of the Essentials. Pump, tire levers, spare inner tube, keys and cell phone. The final one can double up to a ton of useful features. Here are three tools that can be of use.

[Disclosure: this is my app!]

Available on: Android and iPhone
If something while driving quickly on the app for repair instructions verweisen.Es is far better than heading to the nearest bike shop and expenses of $ 10-$ 20 for a simple repair can even leveling app has some useful extras such as a Bicycle security check, to ensure that ist.Diese has version ready to drive it a total of 24 repairs.

Available on: iPhone

This is a firm favorite GPS tracking app.Es gives all the readings you, such as time, speed, distance and height need ride.It tracks all your journeys on the phone and allows you to Tweet or Facebook your ride.Tours can also be exported if you cycle route websites upload to. the only downside is currently on the iPhone its only available.

Available on: almost all mobile phones

Similarly, M is this app to cycle your cycling verfolgen.Es is worth mentioning this one because it works on a wider range of mobile phones and people have often not heard. It also can follow a route.

For more cycling apps check out bike apps iPhone and Android apps cycling.

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