Friday, January 21, 2011

Are you also sentimental?

On our website,, we ask our readers what related item (s) bike published an article, you are not willing to part with.

I mentioned that I have a mountain bike frame for 9 years and owner changed during this period but it back made it to me.One thing I mentioned would need Freeradical Kit has gone through my Xtracycle.Mein by a few donor bikes, below to see:


Alpine ibex

Now in its current state, Sette Reken

It was a good one, I considered it five year period where I had my Xtracycle not verwenden.So verkaufen.Aber on the advice of my wife and MoE, I decided to keep it.

What not ready about you, what are you to part with? is it a classic race? or a bike that had in College? tell your opinion!

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