Friday, January 21, 2011

Paul Goodman's legacy: your ideas for clean local transfers | Win a bike

We suggest the prohibition of Manhattan Iceland all cars except for buses, small taxis, vehicles for essential services (doctor, police, hygiene, vans, etc.) and truck light industrial uses.

The situation is intolerable and all other proposed solutions of which are inefficient, annoying, unhealthy, nonurban or impractical. 

And opening paragraphs, published in dissent magazine, Paul and Percival Goodman set out an urban vision and a recipe for the evils of Manhattan.  This was in 1961-one of the headiest times in the American car culture.

And the message was obviously ignored.Right?

The thesis of an upcoming documentary Paul Goodman changed my life, is that the ideas Paul Goodman are sound, and now the right time is still quiet to reinforce these ideas through our society and give due credit.

JSL films is giving away two bicycles in a competition for people who are ready to write your local government (Mayor or City Council) and the other bike to a European winners wheel sets with five ideas locally implemented with forms of transportation that reduce global warming. go to a North American winner (a Breezer and an Pencil Omega, or).

Sounds simple.

Click here to enter the contest and for more information.

Download the essay, Banning cars of Manhattan - Percival and Paul Goodman (PDF)

View the original article here

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