Sunday, January 23, 2011

Attack of the cycling Santa clauses (Roundup)

For the last day or two, I can't seem to open a browser without seeing Santas on bikes.

These fathers Christmas are part of Barclay's cycle hire bicycles bike. [Via bike Rumor]

With mince pies in our bellies and iPhones at our Boris bikes that we all towards Buckingham Palace tweeted strapped. Car to us wondering what we were up to be just in time to catch Prince Philip ended wish a Merry Christmas, all round.

This Chris Kringle comes from BikeBlogNYC and invites you to submit a caption.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is an entire slide show of an annual event called "Santa Cycle Rampage"

Finally, the jolly old Elf kicked some serious butt of BMX.

Santa has a surprise appearance at the recent Batemans Bay BMX Club Christmas meeting and showed his skills by recording a blistering 51 second wayside Batemans Bay BMX riding.

Santa Claus: Ultimate Bike commuters.

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