Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cranksgiving and Hipstamatic competition charity!

Tomorrow the annual Cranksgiving, a charity fun ride is to collect money and food donations for the hungry.

Here some nice details are written by the fine folks at the NY bike jumble: (there is also a contest here)

Cranksgiving 12
The 12th annual bicycle street race to benefit Saint Mary's soup kitchen and City Harvest

On November 20th, 2010 at 2: 00 A.m. in the Tompkins Square Park are over 200 cyclists gather the twelfth annual Cranksgiving, a charitable alleycat to start bike road trip.Cranksgiving, riders race around Manhattan purchasing Thanksgiving dinner ingredients to the named grocery stores, arrival at the finish line with a bag of full food of to various charities donated.

Cranksgiving is a race but riders of all abilities and strip come to participate in the fun! bring a bag, money, and a good lock, as of this year's prizes include Messenger bags of Bailey works, MER, Seagull and chrome, $150 gift certificates for 5.10 shoes, A Torker cargo T bike sponsored by Brooklyn bike Board, and and $3 100 gift certificates with kind permission from the group applies shall be redeemed.
This year's races offers unprecedented ways to donate, even before the trip! tiny's sandwich shop (129 Rivington Street) is $6 from their delicious sandwiches offer if you $25 donation and the Informationsspeicher.Auch Inn in connection with the race Hipstamatic $1 to Cranksgiving for each photo uploaded to donates. Finally, if you make the trip or to any donation to get Cranksgiving funds go to sites benefit City Harvest and the New York bicycle Messenger Foundation commit.

Last year's Cranksgiving's helped about 100 families by Saint Mary soup kitchen on the lower east side, City Harvest and the Messenger Foundation in New York bike to ernähren.In Cranksgiving hopes this year as more and more people find in desperate times, to reinforce to smash it and all previous records.

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