Thursday, January 20, 2011

The new wheel of San Francisco offers Wandertec BONGO trailer bikes

We were very excited when the new wheel electric bike shop San Francisco us here at the looking for a solution contacted for the delivery of brand spanking new electric bicycles for your customers.  It sounded like a job for the Wandertec BONGO trailer a trailer that we here in our shop to make.  BONGO Wandertec is an open platform which makes it ideal for a variety of custom applications.
After we the situation with Brett Thurber the new wheel size, we have decided the large frame only (no BONGO Loadbed), 20 wheels and an extra long hitch arm extension 2 ft to send.  The new wheel as cut the cut the corresponding Loadbed, roof rack mounted style trays, on car size of Loadbed with BONGO frame mounted and were in the business.  Just a note that the extra long hitch arms only by special order are available, but should be available for purchase on the website of summer 2011.  Let us know if you have a custom application for the Wandertec BONGO…

The new wheel is a new company with a focus on a select lineup of high quality electric bicycles including Sanyo Enloop and ohm e-bikes. Great service, test during the buying process and free tune-ups drives customers is their focus.

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